With a manufacturing location in the central US and a number of off-shore alliances, On Time Circuits Inc. prides itself with its unique global capability. We can manufacture printed circuit boards on virtually any substrates, any size, and any shape. Technology types include, but are not limited to RF/Microwave printed circuit boards, rigid printed circuit boards, metal clad boards, flex, and rigid-flex circuits.

We service all customer markets including those in the medical, automotive, industrial, defense, and aerospace, as well as handling volume demands from small test and prototype quantities to large volume production.

On Time Circuits Inc. has the expertise to provide these technologies to our customers with a time-critical environment requiring the highest quality standards. Our specialties include hybrid circuits (made from multiple materials). exotic materials, blind and buried vias, controlled impedance, and thermal management solutions.

We have several patented material which augment our Thermal Management Soution offerings.

We strive to provide expertise to our customers with active R&D work in both thermal management and embedded passive components. This work allows us to keep up with the technological demands for the growing need of various clock speeds, power consumption, and heat output computing devices.

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