Responsive, Dedicated Overall Customer Satisfaction Is Our Number One Priority

Our success depends directly upon your success. At On Time Circuits Inc., our customers recognize us as having the best in quality standards, and consistent delivery of quality boards on time.

We further define service by working closely and listening to our customer needs. Our technical staff would work closely with your design engineers to come up with the best available solution.

The ultimate test of customer service is overall customer satisfaction. At On Time Circuits Inc. we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. It is our duty to our customers to see that they receive the best possible service.

Our Customer Service Can Help You With The Following :

On Time Circuits Inc. prides itself with its unique global capability. We can manufacture printed circuit boards on virtually any substrate. any size, and any shape. Technology types include, but are not limited to RF/Microwave printed circuit boards, rigid printed circuit boards, metal clad boards, flex, and rigid-flex circuits.

We have several patented materials which augment our Thermal Management Solutions offerings.

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