On Time Circuits Inc. Laminate Selector Guide

On Time Circuits Inc. has put together a laminate selector guide that has materials from Neltec, Rogers, Taconics, Isola on one page with all their properties. The materials are sequenced by Dk and enables designers to review properties of multiple suppliers easily. To order your guide send an e-mail.

Rogers Materials

  • Rogers Microwave Material Selection Criteria
  • The following Rogers link provides a material specific data sheets for each material:
  • Rogers Advanced Circuit Materials

Nelco Laminates

  • www.parknelco.com/parknelco/rfmicro.htm
  • Click on the links at the bottom of the first page “PTFE Laminate Comparative Tables” Dk < 2.5, Dk 2.5-3.0 or Dk > 3.0, depending on the Dk value your application needs.
  • Nelco has also released a product called, N9000 PTFE laminates. Nelco’s web site states that “It is the next generation material system designed for critical microwave components, antennas and subassemblies. These Neltec materials provide passive intermodulation performance up to 25% better than other non-woven or woven PTFE laminates currently available. The foil adhesion is 50 – 100% greater than competitive laminates.”
  • For more information on N9000, please see the following PDF document: Nelco_N9000

Isola Materials

Arlon Materials

  • Arlon manufactures a number of materials for the Micorwave and Digital applications. The following link has the data sheets of available materials.
  • http://www.arlon-med.com